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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Some 3mm Tanks and APC's

Hi all,

Well I have been busy working on these 3mm tanks and APC's for a modern wargame between the Swedish Army and the Russian Army. 

Here is what I have painted up so far!

Here are the Swedish Tanks, Strv-122's arranged in a Company formation.

Here are the Swedish IFV's (I still need to paint up the infantry) CV-9040. Also in a Company formation.

Here is a Russian T-90 Company.

Here are the Russian APC's they are BTR-80's, I also need to paint and base the infantry for these vehicles. Next up after the Infantry is Helicopter and Ground Attack Aircraft.

More to come in the future.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

2mm Experiment!

Hi all!
I have been busy doing a little gaming and some painting. I will have some more posts up soon on the naval battle that Soren and I played at the club two weekends ago.  But first a little something different.

The green stuff covered 2mm thick base with the article below.

Another view of the base

I have never worked with 2mm miniatures before, but it has crossed my mind in the past. To try and get the effect of thousands of warriors or soldiers on the battle field. I recently got my digital copy of WSS # 93 and there was a great article titled DIY Epic Legions: 2mm Roman Triplex Acies Made Easy” by Mark Backhouse. I thought the idea was brilliant and It could work for many different time periods. Well I contacted WSS and I got an email from Mark Backhouse and we exchanged some emails and I was convinced that this could work for the Viking era. 

Painted, top

So here is my experimental unit. It is not historical to the Viking age as it is a huge massed phalanx. I have some sources that describe the Vikings as fighting in 5 rank deep formations that were in the hundreds in a file. So, I have some warbase bases on order and we will see how I can simulate a group of Vikings in a few of the known formations that are recorded and see if I can create a force of Vikings and Anglo Saxons to use for some games of Sword and Spear.

Here is the shield wall!

Shield wall with grass. I might need to use a thinner grass next time.

A side view.

Stay tuned for more on this lite project.

Have a good weekend!

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

RTB- Russians vs Syrian Rebels – using Wars of Insurgency by First Command Wargames

 Hi everyone!
I got in two games this weekend the first is a solo game of "Wars of Insurgency" a little action in Syria.

The day was getting late and the squad of Russian infantry were late for their convoy movement back to the base camp because of some type of mechanical difficulties with the BTR-80, something about a lack of brake fluid.  The squad comprised of 7 troops, including the squad leader and the troops. In total they had 5 troops armed with AK-74 rifles and one troop with a LMG and one troop armed with a RPG weapon. 

The troops were to travel back to base camp alone along the normal route that they normally travelled and to do it fast without delay.  Normal procedure was to travel in a minimum of Platoon convoy of 3 BTR-80’s with crews and troops. Each BTR-80 has a crew of 3 troops to drive and operate the gun systems in the APC.

So, The BTR-80 and the 7-man Russian squad headed down the road to “the Ville” the village with no name that is just a dot on the local maps. The Ville has been friendly and peaceful and there have never been any issues with locals of the town. So, the crew was not concerned with any type of attacks.

Well today was going to be different. Waiting for the BTR-80 was two squads of local Syrian Rebels who were waiting for just such a situation to attack and to strike a blow to the “foreign invaders”. The two squads are made up of militia type soldiers with no uniforms and armed with AK-47’s and each squad had an old RPG-7. The Gunners of the RPG-7’s have had the most practice with their weapons.
The BTR-80 gets to the heart of the Ville when an RPG-7 slams into the left side of the BTR-80 and causes the crew to be shocked and they were starting to stop to allow the troops to get out and fight. They had been Ambushed. Unfortunately, they were not able to stop before the second RPG-7 fired on the BTR-80 from the front and that RPG killed the BTR-80 Crew and started a fire in the ammunition compartment of the BTR-80. The Squad of soldiers went into auto mode and everyone tried to escape the now burning vehicle.

Three of the seven squad members were not able to escape the destroyed BTR-80 and died in the fire. The dead included the RPG troop and two other soldiers armed with AK-74’s. The remaining four troops get out of the vehicle and go prone to get an idea of what is going on and where they could set up a defense position. 

The Rebels start to open fire on the escaped Russian troops with their small arms and they are able to kill one more of the Russians. Luckily the BTR-80’s smoke mortars fired off and provided a smoke screen to the far end of the village.  The remaining three Russian soldiers move to and over a stone wall next to a small building and took cover. One of the troops was freaking out and the Squad leader had to shake him out of his state of fear.  The three Russians made it into the small stone house and they started to return fire. The LMG started to score hits on the Rebels but the stone wall and stone homes were providing great protective cover for the Rebels.

The Squad leader grabbed his radio and called for immediate support and was told that there was a Mi-24 Hind in the area and it would be there soon. The radio operator told the squad leader to mark the target area with red smoke. After a few minutes the LMG gunner lost his nerve and stopped firing. The squad leader tried to get the big Russian back into action, but he failed, and the big Russian dropped his weapon and ran out the door into the rocky ground behind the little house.
The last two Russians kept up the rate of fire, but the Rebels were pouring in the small arms fire from two sides of the little house. Things were getting bad for the Russians. Then the sound of the Mi-24’s blades cutting through the air and then the sound of the explosion of the rockets that the Hind had fired at the building and the area around the red smoke marker. This heavy bombardment from the Hind help to kill a large part of the Rebel squad around this building.

At the same time the last trooper of the Russian Squad was shot, and the only person left was the squad leader. He knew he would be captured and requested that the Hind fire on his position. The Hind never got the request and the Russian squad leader was captured by the Syrian Rebels.
This ended the ambush.

The game was very enjoyable, and I liked how it flowed and how easy it was to learn. I will continue to build more BTR-80’s and paint up more Russians and Rebels.  This can be a fun club game.

Thanks for reading my AAR!

Sunday, September 24, 2017

First Battle of the Viking Age Campaign

Hi everyone!
Yesterday I was able to fight the first battle of the Viking Age Campaign. It was a solo game and it saw the Norwegian Vikings fighting the Scottish for control of Scotland.

The game was enjoyable and it was close up to a point. I have leaned more about the rules but I still have some questions about some of the finer points of hand to hand combat. I will try to read some more and try to get a better understanding of the rules.

The starting positions of both forces

The end of turn 1

End of turn 2

End of turn 3

End of turn 4

End of turn 5

End of turn 6

End of turn 7

End of turn 8

The End of the game, the Scottish leave the field of battle

Well a long story short the Vikings won the battle and now Scotland is a satellite state of the Norwegian Vikings. There is a possibility that they will revolt and that they will contribute some forces to future battles along side the Norwegian Vikings.

Here are some close up of the battle!

Below are the pictures I will try to explain what is happening in the captions of the image.

The Scottish dead

The Viking dead