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Sunday, March 4, 2018

What a Tanker preparation!

Hi all,

This week TooFatLardies announced there next game. It will be a WWII tank on tank game, this is something I am really looking forward too. As I already have a number of tanks for WWII in 15mm for my Chain of Command games, this new set of rules should be a great addition to my collection of rules and fun to play.

So in honor of this new set of rules, I built and painted up a Panzer III G.  It is a Plastic Soldiers Company plastic model and it was easy and fun to build and paint.  My goal is to build and paint up as many of the Plastic Soldier Company tanks that I have un-built.  I have more Panzer III's, Panzer IV's, Tigers, and T-34's that I can build.  I think that will be more than enough to run a few games at the club, since most of the boxes come with everything you need to build 5 tanks.

I hope everyone had a good weekend.  I will have another post up soon.  I have been painting more 3mm tanks as well.


Wednesday, February 28, 2018

German Heavy Tank Comapany from early 1943, North Aftica

Hi all,

Well this weekend I finished up the Tiger I and Panzer III tanks to form an early Heavy tank company. In the early part of 1943, when the Tiger was first introduced they had a mix of Panzer III's as well as Tiger tanks. 

These are all 3mm tanks and I have started working on some Americans to face them.

Have a good week!

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Market Garden Game of CoC at the club

Hi all!

Well I had a great Sunday as I was able to get over to the wargaming club to play a game of Chain of Command.  Joakim and Koen are preparing to run a game at a gaming convention here in Sweden.
It was an enjoyable game. Joakim and I commanded the Germans and we tried to be as aggressive as possible but we were beat back by the tough British Paras.

It was a good game, all in 20mm.  I just had to show up to the game both Koen and Joakim had brought everything else to the club.

Here are some pictures from the game.

Have a good week!

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Mixed bag of stuff

Hi all,
Here is an update for you all. I have done a few things.

First up is a game of Mission for Today, which is the new version of  B-17 Queen of the Skies.
Here are a few pictures of the game. I enjoyed this new take on the original. It is a fun solo player game. This was my fist mission and the crew survived!

Next up is the finished unit of Infantry for the Scanian War project that I am working on. I got some sand that I glued to the stand and then dry brushed on some green paint. Not bad!

I also painted up this Swedish WWII tank, it is the Stridsvagan m/41 It was a licence version of the PZ-38T but modified and built here in Sweden.  Here is a link to get some more information on the original. Link Here are some pictures of my version in 15mm.

And lastly are some 3mm WWII German tanks. I am working on building a company from the 501Heavy Tank Battalion that served in North Africa in 1942-1943.  So I have some Tiger I's and some Panzer III G tanks.  I painted up a platoon to see how they looked and I am happy with the results. Sorry for the blurry images.

Tiger I

 Panzer IIIG

 The Platoon

Again comments and questions are always welcome!