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Monday, April 10, 2017

Using a Board game to run a Miniature Wargame Campaign

Hi all,

Well after Fridays crazy Terriorist Attack I have been working on prepairing more Baccus 6mm Union Infantry to be painted up so we can play a few more games of Alter of Freedom. 

I am also working on setting up a campaign for the American Civil War and I am planning to use the Columbia Games board game, Bobby Lee as the engine that runs the capaing.

I took a picture of the game board so I can use it electronically.

Have any of you used a board game to run a campaign?

I hope to get some recomendations on how to run such a thing without killing the players with paperwork or myself...

Well have a good week.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

I actually painted something!!

Hi all,
Well today I did it, I actually painted something. It has been over a month since I picked up the paint brush. I am still in search of a job and this has been eating up a lot of time.

Today I continued painting my Swedish modern Tanks and IFV's.  I painted four of each and I have another 5 of each to paint up in the near future.

Here are the finished products.

I also did a little work on some Soviet Tanks and trucks that I received from a member at the club.
I did a quick dry brush of the tanks with gray to bring out some of the details.

Well have a good week!